What Our Customers Say

H2D (Premium Hair Styling Results) are enormously proud and grateful to receive so much great feedback and high praise in the form of reviews, comments and testimonials. Shown below are just some of the recent examples we have received from what our customers say. For more information / enquiries, or if you’d like to send us your own review on one of our hair styling products – you can send comments via our contacts page and we may even feature your feedback on our website!

So much better than ghd
5 Star Customer Review
Superb straighteners which really do straighten in one pass whilst leaving hair in fabulous condition due to the advanced ionic and infrared technology.

5 Star Customer Review
My mum bought me these are my GHD’s broke. The H2D straighteners are the best I’ve had yet! They straighten my hair so quickly and last all day without having to re straighten! And that’s good for me as I have natural curly hair! I would 100% recommend these and my sister in law has already bought a pair after using mine and said that they were fantastic! Best brand of hair straighteners!

So pleased
5 Star Customer Review
Beautiful hair straighteners that really achieve all that is promised, I couldn’t be happier.

Best straighteners you can buy
5 Star Customer Review
Wow love my new straightener, I have had the black h2d straightener for 6 years now, and it has got a bit temperamental lately so thought I’d treat myself to this one, it straightens my long thick hair in no time at all, excellent price, I have had ghds in the past, don’t know what all the hype is about, h2d is so much better, I don’t know why but this one seems to straighten my hair quicker than the black one did, highly recommend, for the price you can’t go wrong, 10 out of 10 from me.

Don’t be fooled by cheap alternatives
5 Star Customer Review
The X3+ is the holy grail for getting professional results at home, I had the original X3 for ywears and have now upgraded to the X3+. Its amazing, has a lovely soft grip feel and easy locking system, looks cool with the red braided cable and performs as brilliant as ever. Must buy.
Chloe Grant

Very professional and easy to use
5 Star Customer Review
This Magicurl X3 is the best one can buy out there. I have always wanted a professional solution, and this product does just what it is supposed to do. I love the fact that my hair does not break and I can create different size curls with ease. Its temperature control is great, as not everyone’s hair is the same. The X3 Curling wand is the only product a woman would need to get perfect curls without going to the salon. Great value for money.
Melanie Carter

5 Star Customer Review
I love this hairdryer!

So good
5 Star Customer Review
Drys my long thick hair much quicker than my previous hair dryer and leaves my hair in great condition. Highly recommended.

Love them
5 Star Customer Review
I love these hair straighteners, having tried so many over the years I can finally say I’ve found the best. Leave my hair so smooth and glossy and really do straighten with one pass as they say. Never go back to another brand.

The best I’ve ever used
5 Star Customer Review
I’ve had them all including ghd, thses h2d VI straighteners are miles better than any other. They simply do what the advert says, straighten my hair with one pass and leave it in superb condition, just like I’ve been to the hair dressers.

Beautiful and brilliant
5 Star Customer Review
The most gorgeous hair straighteners ever and they work like a dream. So much better looking than my old ghds and straighten so much quicker also seem to leave my hair in much better condition. Come in beautiful gift box.

5 Star Customer Review
This is actually the best curler ever!! I’m a professional hairstylist so carrying three different curlersisn’t ideal at all… this curler is so easy to use and makes hairstyling a breeze lol. I only need to carry one curler but I can create any look I want.

Not only isn’t it amazing for hairstylists it’s really good for anyone looking for a good curler to invest in. Its easy to use, affordable and just fab!

Love it
5 Star Customer Review
I love the fact that you have 3 barrels and can create so many different looks with one tool, you can even use different barrels on the same hair style if you’re feeling mega creative. All round the best hair styling tool I’ve ever bought.

Best out there
5 Star Customer Review
Best curling wand I have ever used, previously I used cheap high street curling irons which gave average results, this wand is in a different league. Fab curls and waves in seconds which last ages x

Fantastic beach wave
5 Star Customer Review
Superb curling wand, creates gorgeous natural beach style waves.

Great item, well designed
5 Star Customer Review
Great item, well designed, ecenllext flow although we use it without the adapter as the airflow doesn’t seem so refined. The cable is really long and this helps as we have 3 kids and two of them are at the age where they love to run and you have to catch them. =). There are no bad points that I can really think of maybe the only down point is you have to keep using the cooling button if you have the heat on full power because it gets REALLY hot!! Oh one other thing which is worth mentioning is the Ion shot on this hairdryer really works a treat, we’ve had other hairdryers with this function before but it never really seemed to make much of a difference, with this hair dryer it really does!!! My wife left the ion shot on by mistake and I came along and used the hairdryer afterwards not realising and POOF! Instant afro!! LOL 10/10 for this product! I can’t really fault it!

5 Star Customer Review
Bought these for myself at Christmas and I can’t believe how excellent they are ! Every time I straighten they glide through and straighten with no hassle involved would say these are defiantly better than the GHD for half the price !

Gorgeous straighteners
5 Star Customer Review
Gorgeous gold straighteners which work brilliantly, I love the infrared and ionic function you really can tell a difference to these and ordinary straighteners. Leave my hair soft and shiny and straightens in far less time.

Fabulous and great value
5 Star Customer Review
I have used H2D hair straighteners for years, they perform extremely well and last years, I bought these to replace a pair which had given excellent service for 6 years! No need to spend more.

Best wand yet!
5 Star Customer Review
Since I’ve had this in my kit- I’ve not reached for any other tong. Across the three barrels I can create such a diverse range of looks… Beautiful curls that really last, soft beachy waves, glamorous bouncy blow-dry volume, Hollywood waves, tight bouncy playful curls… All with one wand! It’s hard wearing, quick to heat up, light to hold and space saving in my kit.

It’s the best part of my hair kit and I would never be without it!x
Naomi Lake MUA

Love it
5 Star Customer Review
I’m very pleased with my X3 curling wand, the variety of styles you can create with the 3 interchangeable barrels is fantastic. Its easy to use and the curls last well into the next day.
Sue B

Amazing hair dryer
5 Star Customer Review
Absolutely love this hairdryer! Only got it a few weeks ago and I have had so many compliments on my hair! My hair is typically quite course and frizzy so it’s great to have a hairdryer that leaves my hair feeling super smooth and frizz free. It’s also super easy to achieve lots of volume and bounce and still keep my hair looking shiny. Also with having long hair, I have found the infrared heaters make the drying time so much quicker!

The hairdryer itself is beautifully designed and lightweight making it really easy to use. The different heat & speed settings are great for styling on all different hair types. (I have used it my cousins hair as well which is a lighter texture and it created the same results) 🙂 It also comes packaged in a beautiful box which would make it a perfect gift!

Overall I’m so impressed with this hairdryer and would recommend it for all different hair types and at a great price!