Create a Fantastic Flower Crown for June


If you look back on the long, hot, sunny summer holidays you enjoyed as a child, you’ll probably remember making daisy chains and wearing them in your hair. Why not get back to nature this June – and take your flower-arranging skills up a notch – by creating a fantastic flower crown? It’s the ideal accessory when you want an eye-catching summer hairstyle.

Flower crowns (also called floral crowns) epitomise boho chic – they’re perfect for festivals, parties and picnics. The flower crown look is also an on-trend hairstyle for summer brides.

Select Flowers and Foliage Select Flowers and Foliage Select Flowers and Foliage

Pick about a dozen fresh flowers from your garden or local florist, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. You’re spoilt for choice when looking for blooms at this time of year: forget-me-nots, irises, jasmine, lilacs, peonies, roses, snapdragons, sweet peas and more are readily available. Also gather together a few handfuls of green foliage.

Trim the stems before putting the flowers and foliage in a vase filled with water – that’ll ensure the plants remain in tip-top condition while you’re getting ready to use them. If it’s a very hot day, you could pop them in the fridge to prevent wilting.

Top tip: If you’re making a flower crown to wear at your wedding, why not make crowns for your bridesmaids too? Look for blooms that’ll complement the bouquets and dresses.

Shape and Strengthen the Base

For the crown’s base, measure the circumference of your head, and then cut a piece of floral wire that’s a couple of centimetres longer than that measurement. The extra length will help to ensure the crown still fits when decorated, without being tight.

Bend the piece of wire into a circle, and then firmly wrap one end around the other to stop the base springing open. Wind two long pieces of wire around the base to strengthen it. Now, cover the base in floral tape (like floral wire, it’s available from florists and craft shops).

Make the base look more natural by wrapping the foliage around it. Use short pieces of wire to bind each piece of foliage to the base. Point the ends of the wire away from the base’s inner rim and cover the wire with tape – that’ll make the crown more comfortable.

Get Creative and Express Yourself!

Here comes the best part: adding the flowers! Cut the stems so that they’re about 5cm long. Place a flower on the crown’s base, ensuring that its stem follows the curve of the wire and its head faces outwards. When you’re happy with its position, secure it as described above.

Add more flowers to cover the base – get creative and let your imagination run wild!

Top tip: If you intend to wear your flower crown on more than one occasion, boost its lifespan by using fabric flowers and leaves instead of fresh ones.

Keep Hair Smooth and Simple

Wearing a flower crown is a bold fashion statement, and so you’ll want your hair to be styled in a relatively simple way. The best approach is to wear your hair loose and smooth with a centre parting, as that’ll help to ensure that the flower crown sits level on your head.

Premium hair styling tools containing tourmaline are ideal, as they’re designed to make your hair wonderfully smooth and soft: perfect when you want chic, unfussy locks! Run your hair straighteners over your hair or, alternatively, create curls with your curling wand before gently running your fingers through them to transform them into relaxed waves.

And there you have it – a one-of-a-kind, stunning summer look!


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