The Secrets of Glossy Hair – Get Ready to Shine!


What do Victoria Beckham, Selena Gomez and Angelina Jolie Pitt have in common? The answer is that they’re among the celebrities with super glossy hair ever seen on the red carpet. Their super-shiny locks are clearly well cared for and guaranteed to turn heads.

Shiny hair and star power go hand-in-hand – but don’t worry, you don’t need to be rich and famous to enjoy sleek, silky tresses. If your locks have lost their lustre or you’re struggling to boost their natural shine, read on to discover the secrets of glossy hair.

The Science behind the Shine

The glossier your hair becomes, the healthier it’ll look and feel.

In order to make your tresses as glossy as possible, you need to take good care of your hair’s cuticles – the outer layers of cells that cover and protect each strand. Static, frizz and dryness indicate that your cuticles are unhappy and the cells are in chaos. Damaged, neglected cuticles lead to dull hair, making you feel frustrated instead of fabulous. In order for your hair to reflect light and look radiant, the cells need to lie flat and smooth.

Now we’ve explained the science behind the shine, let’s look at how to charm your cuticles.

Rinse with Cool Water

When you’ve washed the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair, make sure you give it a final rinse with cool water. At low temperatures, water closes up your cuticles, helping your hair to retain the moisture provided by your conditioner. Think of it as locking in your shine.

Give your hair a blast of cool air after blow-drying in order to make it even glossier.

Nourish with Argan Oil

Renowned for its nourishing, restorative properties, Moroccan argan oil is sometimes called ‘liquid gold’ – but we like to think of it as ‘liquid shine’ for your hair.

Wash and towel-dry your hair; it should be damp but not wet. Put a few drops of argan oil on your palms, rub them together, and then run your hands through your hair. The oil’s fatty acids and vitamin E content will make your locks healthier, smoother and, of course, glossier.

Enhance Your Colour

If your hair colour is too flat and solid looking, your locks will inevitably appear dull. Why not ask your stylist for a variety of highlights or lowlights? The contrast between different tones gives hair greater depth and richness, enhancing each strand’s natural shine.

Brush with Natural Bristles

If your hair looks lifeless after brushing, invest in a hairbrush with natural bristles. They’ll distribute your scalp’s natural oils evenly from root to tip, giving you glossier hair. Avoid rough or excessive brushing, as you may agitate and weaken the cuticles.

Add a Glossy Top Coat

Using a hair shine spray on your tresses is just like adding a shiny top coat to your nail polish. Ensure your spray has a lightweight formula, especially if you have fine hair; otherwise, you may find that product build-up leaves your locks greasy instead of glowing.

Another tip is to apply the spray to your hair sparingly, avoiding the area close to your roots.

Choose Superior Styling Tools

When you want to enjoy shiny hair every time you style your tresses, choose premium hair styling tools that feature tourmaline and ionic generators. They produce negative ions, which enhance your efforts to make your hair as glossy as it can be. The ions smooth and seal your cuticles, helping to keep your hair in tip-top condition.

Follow these hair care tips and you’ll soon be shining like a star!


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