Growing Out Your Fringe: 5 Fuss-Free Styling Tips


Have you fallen out of love with your fringe? Perhaps it constantly falls in your eyes, irritates your forehead or is simply too high maintenance. Whatever the reason, if you’re no longer feeling fringe-friendly, the time has come to grow yours out.

You might assume that’ll mean putting up with plenty of bad hair days over the next few months, especially during the awkward ‘in-between’ stage. After all, when your fringe is too long to be brushed forwards but not yet long enough to blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair, you may feel as if it’s developing a life of its own…

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry. We’ve put together the following styling tips so that you can grow out your fringe and still look fabulous!

Flip that Fringe

If your fringe makes a nuisance of itself, this style idea can stop you flipping out. Split your fringe down the middle to create two equal sections. Pin one back while you set to work on the other with your hair straighteners. As you glide the straighteners over that section of fringe, sweep the hair away from your face and flick the ends upwards. Do the same with the other section. Finally, set the style with a little hairspray.

Now you have two fantastic hair flips instead of one frustrating fringe!

Get Twisting

When growing out your fringe, remember you can always do the twist. No, not the 1960s dance craze – we’re talking about a way to free your forehead from a floppy fringe.

Twist your fringe (not too tightly) and pull it back off your face, towards your crown. You can then secure it with a couple of hairpins. This twist-and-pin fringe fix adds volume and style to your hair. It looks particularly good with a ponytail.

Why not get creative and experiment with different ways to pin your fringe back?

Trust a Timeless Classic

Another great way to keep your fringe off your face is to wear an Alice band. This classic hair accessory not only has timeless appeal but also comes in a wonderful variety of styles. Glossy, sparkly and trimmed with bows are just a few of the options available to you!

When exercising, try an elasticated headband, as it’ll pull your fringe back more firmly.

Make a Clean Sweep

The key to creating a sophisticated sweeping style with your fringe is to start with a side parting. If you part your hair on the right or left-hand side, rather than making a centre parting, you can sweep your fringe to one side so that it only partially covers your forehead.

After you’ve created your side parting, run your hair straighteners through your fringe with a gentle, sweeping motion. After the hair has cooled, add a small amount of styling wax to the ends, in order to encourage your ‘sweep’ to retain its shape and stay in place.

Enjoy Smooth Transitions

Having the right hair styling tools at your disposal is particularly important when you’re transitioning from one style to another, such as when going from fully fringed to fringe-free. Your styling tools have a major role to play in helping your hair adapt to its new shape.

With that in mind, it’s worth choosing high-quality hair straighteners with tourmaline plates and an ionic generator. They’re ideal for taming your tresses and can restore order to even the most unruly fringe. That’s because they release millions of negative ions – these tiny particles smooth each strand, giving you silky hair that’s easy to style and bound to turn heads.


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