How to Keep Your Bleached Hair Beautiful


When Marilyn Monroe bleached her hair, she was undoubtedly onto a good thing. Her trademark platinum blonde hairstyle helped propel her to the dizzying heights of 1950s Hollywood stardom – and has set the standard for glamorous hair ever since.

It’s no wonder that so many women love to lighten their locks. With beautiful, bleached hair and a flash of red lipstick, you can transform yourself into a blonde bombshell and turn heads wherever you go!

Of course, chemically treated hairstyles can only look their best if they’re well cared for – the bleaching process makes your hair dry and prone to damage. Whether you choose to emulate Monroe’s white-blonde look, sport a softer shade of blonde, or just have a few highlights, you need a first-class hair care routine.

Be Bright, Not Brassy

How can you make sure that your bleached hair always looks bright instead of becoming brassy or fading? The answer might surprise you: purple shampoo! The purple pigments cancel out the yellowish tones that often appear in bleached hair. Purple shampoo therefore keeps your blonde colour looking fresh and clean.

Protect Your Hair’s Natural Oils

While it’s important to use a good-quality shampoo on bleached hair, it’s equally important not to wash it too often or else you risk making it brittle. Bleaching raises the outer cuticle of your hair’s strands, making it harder for them to retain natural oils and moisture. Excessive shampooing can further strip your hair of those sources of hydration. That’s why you should avoid washing your hair every day.

Washing your hair just a few times a week will make it healthier – and easier to style! If it looks oily, simply refresh it with dry shampoo.

Build Strength with Keratin

When choosing a conditioner for bleached hair, look for products that are enriched with the protein keratin. Keratin is hair’s key component, and so it’s vital when you want your locks to be strong and beautiful.

A keratin-enriched conditioning hair mask is even better. Apply it once a week (or more if your hair is very dry), then sit back and relax to give it plenty of time to work.

Why not make hair masks part of Friday-night pampering sessions with friends? You’ll head into the weekend with stronger, softer, more manageable bleached hair.

Choose Premium Hair Styling Tools

When styling bleached hair, you’ll need to be particularly gentle to achieve the best results. That’s why it’s worth choosing your hair styling tools with care. For example, premium hair straighteners with tourmaline plates not only make your hair incredibly smooth but also protect it by locking in moisture. That helps to counteract the ‘dried out’ look often associated with bleached hair.

Another wise investment is a luxury hair dryer with infrared heaters, as the heat it emits reaches deep inside each strand. Thanks to this cutting-edge infrared technology, you can dry your hair faster without scorching its fragile surface.

Don’t Miss Out on Vital Nutrients

As the saying goes, ‘true beauty comes from within’. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrients, your hair will suffer, especially when it’s weakened by bleaching.

Aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day (as a general guide, a portion should be 80g, which is roughly the weight of a medium-sized apple). You might also want to consider taking a multi-vitamin that contains biotin, selenium and zinc: this terrific trio of vitamins and minerals can help to boost your hair’s health.

Keeping bleached hair healthy takes time and effort – but the eye-catching results are certainly worth it!


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